2018 is the beginning of a brand new adventure for Jaden Conwright, who will assault the FIA F3 Asian Championship, with the goal to accumulate points for the FIA Superlicense and explore the Asian Motorsport market.

The young American will race for Hong Kong based team Absolute Racing, one of the most successful Asian organizations in motorsport and current Team Champions of the Formula Masters China, precursor of the FIA F3 Asia.


Round 1 Sepang, Malaysia 7/14-15

Race 1: P4

Race 2: P4 

Race 3: P15 

Round 2 Ningbo, China 9/1-2

Race 1: P2

Race 2: P2

Race 3: P1

Round 3 Shanghai, China 9/22-23

Race 1: P6

Race 2: P5

Race 3: P3

Round 4 Ningbo, China 10/13-14

Race 1: P6

Race 2: P4

Race 3: P4

Round 5 Sepang, Malaysia 11/24-25 

Race 1: P6

Race 2: P14

Race 3: P3



P1 – Raoul Hyman (GBR)/ Hitech Gp – 227pt

P2 – Jake Hugues (GBR)/ Hitech Gp – 225pt

P3 – JADEN CONWRIGHT (USA) / Absolute Racing- 173pt

P4 – Charles Leong (MAC)/ Hitech Gp – 145pt

P5 – Tomoki Takahashi (JPN)/ Super License – 142pt

P6 – Akash Nandy (MAL)/ Absolute Racing – 125pt

P7 – James Yu (CHN)/ ZEN Motorsport – 84pt

P8 – Liam Lawson (NZL)/ Pinnacle – 75pt

P9 – Louis Prette (HKG)/ BlackArts Racing – 70pt

P10 – Ben Hingeley (GBR)/ Hitech Gp – 43pt

P11 – Yifei Ye (CHN)/ Absolute Racing – 37pt

P12 – Jeremy Wahome (KEN)/ SVC – 26pt

P13 – Akash Gowda (IND)/ M Sport – 28pt

P14 – Harrison Scott (GBR)/ Hitech GP – 26pt

P15 – Chase Owen (USA)/ Chase Owen Racing – 24pt

P16 – Yin Hai Tao (CHN)/ ZEN Motorsport – 15pt

P17 – Ryan Liu (CHN)/ Emc2 Racing – 14pt

P18 – Kang Ling (CHN)/ ZEN Motorsport – 12pt

P19 – Daniel Cao (CHN)/ Pinnacle – 7pt

P20 – Presley Martono (IDN)/ BlackArts – 6pt

P21 – Takashi Hata (JPN)/ Super License – 2pt

P22 – Tom Beckhauser (CZE)/ BlackArts Racing – 1pt

P23 – ‘Dragon’ (JPN)/ B-Max Racing – 0pt

P24 – Tairoku Yamaguchi (JPN)/ B-Max Racing – 0pt

P25 – Thomas Luedi (HKG)/ BlackArts Racing – 0pt

P26 – Zheng Jianian (CHN)/ ZEN Motorsport – 0pt


Jaden Conwright is a 19 years old American race car driver competing with Absolute Racing in the 2018 FIA F3 Asian Championship.